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Texas Tech vs Northwestern: I like Northwestern. Both defenses are bad, but Texas Tech is bad for a Big 12 team, which have not played much defense over the course of bowl season. I think QB Evan Watkins will benefit from having a month at the helm in practice. Look for him to take advantage of the 119th ranked pass defense of the Red Raiders.

Michigan vs Mississippi State: I think Michigan will score some points, the questions is weather or not they can stop Miss State. I think they will make enough stops to win and Denard Robinson will have a big game. Rich Rodriguez has had a month to prepare so look for the "O" to be on top of its game, in what could be Rich Rod's final game at UM. QB Chris Relf may have a big game for the Bulldogs.

Alabama vs Michigan State: I just think Alabama is too good. They have so much talent. QB Greg McElroy, WR Julio Jones, and RBs Mark Ingraham and Trent Richardson are all very good. And the defensive talent is  unreal. Michigan State may move the ball , but for them to win, they will have to score early.

I also like Florida, TCU, and for some unknown reason I like UConn. Go Huskies!!!
I went 2-2 on the 31st. I'm up to 11-11, which isn't so bad.

Quick thoughts on December 30 action
It was an up and down day for me. I went 2-2 and I am currently 9-9.
SMU vs Army: Army's offense wasn't great, but it got the job done at the end of the game.  SMU played well in the second half.  Here are my thoughts on stopping the option: It all starts on  first down. If you hold Army to 2 yards or less on first down, they get in a 2nd and 8 situation. At that point, if you can get them to 3rd and 4 or 5, you've got a good chance to stop it, and SMU did a better job with that in the second half. A lot of credit to Army. 7-6.

Syracuse vs Kansas State: The unsportsmanlike conduct on K-State was a bad call, but don't  let it take away from Syracuse. This was huge. They have not been to a bowl game since 2004, and now they go to an 8 win season. Also, where did the offense come from. 36 points!! RB Delone Carter is an ox and QB Ryan Nassib and WR Marcus Sales played very well together.

Tennessee vs North Carolina: Poor Tennessee. For the second time this year, they run on the field to celebrate, only to lose. Even in the loss, I was very impressed with QB Tyler Bray. He has a very bright future. It was a crazy end to a crazy season for the Tar Heels.

Washington vs Nebraska: I hate to say I'm a genius with a 9-9 record, but I did pick the 14 point underdogs. QB Jake Locker is a very, very tough kid. He had ZERO completions in the first half, but did enough other things to get the win in his final game as a Husky.

December 30- Lost my first one yesterday, but finished strong, winning the last 2. So far bowlseason is 7-6. Let's keep the streak going. Today I like SMU- offensively better. Syracuse- I think they can run the ball on K-State. Tennessee- I think they can pass on UNC. Washington- I really have no idea why I choose Washington. Motivation? Playing better lately? I don't know why, but I think Jake Locker will have a big game despite the 4-20 outing last game.
Quick Recap of Yesterday
1) Maryland 51- East Carolina 20- Many people will look at this as East Carolina can't play defense , and you are probably right, but I believe that ECU played pretty good defense for most of the game. However, the ECU offense was about as inefficient as it can be. They never got any momentum and I was not impressed with QB Dominique Davis. Also, it was a great game played by Maryland in terms of running the ball. And Ralph Friedgen got screwed. He goes 2-10 last year and goes 9-4 and wins ACC coach of the year and then gets fired. Doesn't make sense at all.

2) Illinois 38- Baylor 14- Illinois pounded Baylor in the running game. Mikel LaShoure is very good as well as freshman QB Nathan Scheelhasse who had a very good game. Baylor was never really in this one. Also want to point out that the Illinois defense looked dominant. The unit gave up 65 to Michigan just over a month ago.

3) Oklahoma State 36- Arizona 10- Arizona never had any chance in the this one. Their defense didn't play bad , but Oklahoma State was just the better team in every way. Their defense was aggressive , forcing bad throws from Arizona QB Foles. The offense is very dynamic. WR Justin Blackmon is as good as advertised.
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